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About Robert Canright

Robert Canright, an experienced and certified math and
science teacher, has taught mathematics in Texas public
schools in grades 4 through 12 and taught elementary
school science.

Robert Canright has worked as an engineer, scientist,
and programmer doing research and development for a
number of Fortune 100 companies.  Mr. Canright has
published dozens of technical papers based on
mathematical modeling of high-speed digital transmission
lines.  Additionally, he is a co-author of a chapter in an
engineering handbook published by McGraw-Hill.

Mr. Canright has been a mechanical engineer and has
years of experience in the mechanical and thermal
design of electronic assemblies.

Mr. Canright has also worked as an electrical engineer, a
systems engineer, a software-systems engineer, and a
software engineer.

Mr. Canright has extensive experience in science,
mathematics, and engineering.

He is a writer, having authored the book
Achieve Lasting
Happiness, Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Life

He is an educational philosopher, having started the
Timeless Way Foundation, a Texas education think tank,
to improve communities through education.  
The Texas
Ascendant Campaign was developed at the Timeless
Way Foundation.  The Texas Ascendant Campaign is a
plan for Texas to reach its highest potential.  It is a road
map to help our children and our state have a brighter

Robert Canright holds a B.S. in Mathematics and a B.S.
in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New
Orleans.  He holds a M.S. degree in Electrical
Engineering from the University of Central Florida.  He is
a licensed Professional Engineer (Electrical Engineering)
and is a Senior Member of the Institute for Electrical and
Electronics Engineers (IEEE).  He has many years of
experience in Science and Engineering at Fortune 100
See his list of publications.

Mr. Canright has lived in Plano since 1992. He has one  
child in Plano schools and a second child a graduate of
Plano Senior High.  He is a founding member of the
McDermott Road Church of Christ, where he is a Sunday
School teacher and worship coordinator.

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