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Better leaders for a better future !

I demonstrated last year that our neighbors all
provide a better education at a lower cost.  The
results this year are still bad.  

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The Plano ISD is rated
Recognized by the Texas
Education Agency, along with the Richardson ISD,
while the Frisco and Allen ISDs are rated
Our neighbors do not use Connected Math.

T.E.A. test results show Plano schools have had
lower performance as long as we have had test
results.  Connected Math has long been a problem.

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The Board of Trustees claim that the large number of
National Merit Scholars proves Plano schools are
superior.  Let’s examine this by analogy.  Wall Street
banks are making record profits, but that does not
mean the American economy is doing well.  I am glad
the cream of the crop does so well, but the average
student would be better served by the neighboring
school districts.

Economic trends show our children will face difficult
times.  Disposable income has dropped from an
average of 33% in the 1960’s to less than 2% in the
2000’s.  If these trends continue our children will
face a life of hardship.

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We must do more than fix problems with our school
curriculum.  Our children must be educated in
economics, business, and finance so they can
succeed in the difficult times ahead.  Our children
need a better education in history so they
understand how civilizations fail or succeed.  Our
children must steer their way to success no matter
how difficult the circumstances.

Our children can be the leaders who return America
to prosperity by first creating a stronger, more
prosperous Texas.  I have created a roadmap to help
our children build a stronger Texas for a stronger
America: the
Texas Ascendant Campaign.

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A better education and a roadmap for success will
lead our children to prosperity during difficult times.

Let us see how Michael Friedman, Steve Day, and
David Stolle address the problems facing the PISD.

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